How to use this template

1. Duplicate this template to Notion

The first step in getting started is to duplicate the template content into your own Notion workspace. Click the button below and then click ‘Duplicate’ at the top right. Duplicate to Notion.

2. Create an upgraded site on Super

Next, create a site on Super with the Notion page you just duplicate. Learn how here.

3. Apply the custom template

Then, open your new site settings, navigate to the “Code” page and inside the “Head” tab, paste the following snippet:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

4. Apply the theme settings

Next, we’ll enable the Super theme so you can customize it as you like! Click this link to duplicate the Botanical theme to your Super account.

Go back to the dashboard and into your site, in the “Design” page, apply the Botanical theme.

5. Customize your site

Next you can add more features and customize your site to your liking.